Executive Board 

Olena Grabarchuk

Co-Chair of the Executive Board 

LL.M. candidate at Berkeley Law interested in business law. Olena has worked in Ukraine and the U.S. and has experience in corporate law and M&A, as well as other types of business expansions, investment programs, and business immigration.



      Startup law, Financial Regulation, Corporate Sustainability

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Advisory Board


Nikolai Rebelo


Silveiro Lawyers 

    M&A, Corporate Litigation 


Huan-Ting Wu

Co-Founder of Boalt Global

J.S.D. Candidate at Berkeley Law

      Financial Regulation, Insider Trading 

Sebastián Bravo

Co-Founder of Boalt Global

Regulatory Hero at Compliance.ai

      Compliance, Artificial Intelligence 

Michel Kertai

Founding Partner]


         Start-ups, New Technologies  

Daniela Solis

International Associate

Latham & Watkins LLP

       Capital Markets, Corporate Sustainability  

Álvaro Pereira

Co-Founder of Boalt Global

Doctoral Candidate at Berkeley Law

 Finance, Corporate Litigation, Sustainability, Innovation   

Boalt Global

Corporate Law Society