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Expansion ABC: Turkey

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

We start our video series with Isil Selen Demenec, who shares insights on why and how to start up a business in Turkey.

Does it resemble the experience in your jurisdiction?

In "Expansion ABC: Incorporating and Expanding Businesses Worldwide," we offer a global and startup-oriented approach to corporate law:

  • What are the main legal entity forms to start a business with the purpose of scaling fast?

  • What are the key characteristics of each entity form?

  • What are the costs, general requirements, and most common agreements in each country?

The series is specifically tailored to help founders and investors understand how to maximize corporate law for their startup projects in different countries around the world.

Co-hosted by EMBARK.LAW

Music by bensound.com

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* These videos were made for discussion purposes. They are not meant as legal advice.


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