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Toshiba is selling a majority stake in its Toshiba Memory Corp. to raise cash to offset huge losses

There are many proposers, including the private equities and companies from the U.S., the two biggest companies from Taiwan, Toshiba's rivalry in South Korea.

On the other hand, Japanese government "is seeking to have the state-backed turnaround fund Innovation Network Corp. of Japan and the state-owned Development Bank of Japan make a joint bid with U.S. suitors, as it is concerned that Toshiba’s technology could fall into the hands of a foreign company deemed a threat to national security."

#WRR: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/04/07/business/corporate-business/toshiba-gets-%C2%A53-trillion-offer-chip-unit-hon-hai/#.WtEfnBPwbY0

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Shared on April 10, 2017

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